How to Choose a Petticoat for Your Wedding Dress
As we know, if you want to look the best on your BIG DAY, aside from wedding dress itself, petticoat. A wedding accessory is one more thing you need to pay attention to. But, it seem that many brides may neglect it. Actually, a good petticoat can add an elegant and full appearance to the bridal dress. It can even make a normal simple wedding dress look noble and classy. It is used to adjust the shape of wedding dress and can hold the wedding dress out in a pleasingly domed shape and give the impression of a smaller waist. Different petticoats can be used to give dress different looking.
There are various types of petticoat available, including A-line petticoat, two hoops petticoat, three hoops petticoat, three hoops train petticoat, two hoops mermaid petticoat, six hoops petticoat, four hoops petticoat, natural puffy petticoat, six hoops petticoat with net, slim mermaid petticoat and two hoops train petticoat. But generally, the most common ones are naturally shaped petticoat and petticoat with hoops.
Naturally shaped wedding petticoat is generally made with Organza. Compared with petticoat with hoop, it’s more suitable for wedding dress made with organza or tulle since this kind of fabrics have a lighter weight, which doesn’t require the additional power to hold it. The purpose of using naturally shaped wedding petticoat is only to bring out a better domed silhouette.
Petticoat with hoops is mainly used for satin princess wedding dress, ball gown wedding dress, wedding dress with Chapel Train or Monarch train/royal train, as well as gown with ruffled hemline.
This kind of petticoat always has two hoops or three hoops. Some of them have tulle, some of them have train. To give the wedding dress a better and natural presentation, we generally choose tulle petticoats. The number of hoops will be depended on the length of skirt as well as the silhouette of wedding dress. Petticoat with train is suitable for wedding dress with chapel or monarch train.
Ball gown/Princess Satin dress: if you choose wedding dress made with satin, you’d better not choose petticoat that doesn’t have hoops, otherwise, it will make the gown looks like A-line style. The reason for this is satin is one of the heaviest fabrics, only petticoat with hoops can hold it. If the satin is not so thick, when choosing petticoat, there are two important factors to consider. First, the petticoat needs to have hoops, and second, you’d better to choose tulle petticoat. The more layers of tulle it has, the better, which will avoid the shape of hoops reflected in the skirt.
Wedding dress with chapel train, monarch /royal train: if your wedding dress skirt is a chapel train or court train style, or tiered wedding skirts, you must choose the bone petticoat, as it can make your wedding skirt more fully and fluffy, creating a perfect and gorgeous style and sense, showing a royal vision. If we use naturally shaped petticoat, it will seriously affect the shape of skirt and train. Also, the petticoat will deform under the weight of train.
Wedding dress with crinkled skirt or ruffled skirt: this kind of wedding dress is to attract people’s attention to the waist and give people the impression of slimness. Only skirts in fully domed shape can deliver the crinkled details, bringing the contracting effect.

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