Veil Lengths

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VEIL LENGTHS: There are several different veil lengths available when it comes to choosing a veil for your wedding dress. However the most important thing is to choose your wedding dress first and then find the perfect veil to work … Continued

Duties of Bridesmaid

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Have you been asked to be a bridesmaid  or maid of honor in a friend or close relative’s wedding? Congratulations! This is quite an honor that she thinks so highly of you, and now there are some things you need to consider. … Continued

The Wedding Garter

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     The wedding garter is a key component of a bride’s wedding day attire, hidden underneath her gown, waiting for the groom to retrieve it and toss to all the single men at the reception. The garter toss is an … Continued

Role of a Flowergirl

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What’s the flower girl’s primary role? To be darling, of course. But rosy cheeks and ribbons aside, her cruise down the aisle is no small feat. Having a flower girl is optional, but it’s a nice way to make a … Continued

Brooch Bouquet

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Choosing a brooch bouquet is choosing originality. It can be something entirely unique and very much a one off; it is a promise that no other piece will ever be completely the same; after all, we are individuals. Even more … Continued